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Lasers and Other Devices

Morpheus 8™ (RF microneedling): 

Morpheus 8™ is a technology by the well-known company In-Mode that combines microneedling with the added energy boost of radiofrequency (RF). Morpheus is wonderful for tightening skin, improving acne and acne scars, and can even help decrease fatty pockets such as the common pocket under the chin (double chin) and the jowls that everyone hates! Can also be used for stretch marks and feminine rejuvenation to help tighten labia, especially in conjunction with other technologies.

Lumecca™ IPL:

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light”. IPL is a remarkably quick and easy procedure for brown spots (sunspots, freckles, “liver spots”, or whatever you’d like to call them) and general hyperpigmentation from sun damage and aging. It is also one of the best options for redness, spider veins on face (especially those pesky ones around the nose), rosacea, and the small bright red spots (aka “cherry angiomas”) that can pop up at anytime and anywhere but are always nice to see go away. 


Minimally invasive radiofrequency devices for skin tightening on almost any body part! Can be used in conjunction with HD (high definition liposuction) for dramatic body contouring results.

Fraxel® 1550:

Fraxel® is an erbium laser that is great for general skin resurfacing/anti-aging as well as treatment of pigment (including difficult to treat melasma) and acne scarring. Minimal downtime and effective results! 

Diolaze™ Laser Hair Removal: 

Who’s not tired of shaving? Head to toe. State of the art equipment. Enough said… 

Electrolysis device:

If you have stubborn hair or whiskers that may be resistant to laser hair removal, this is the service for you. Simple and effective!


Effective treatment for difficult to treat skin conditions such as sebaceous hyperplasia and seborrheic keratoses, but also effective for vascular lesions such as cherry angiomas, venous lakes, and spider veins.


Noninvasive, painless radiofrequency(RF) technology to tighten and contour face, neck, and other areas. If you want immediate results with no down-time to look fresh for an upcoming special event, this is a great option!


A specialized version of Forma RF (radiofrequency) technology specifically designed for intimate areas to tighten vaginal walls, labia, and help with bladder leakage/incontinence. 


A minimally invasive radiofrequency procedure to help shrink the labia to even out asymmetry or just provide a general more youthful appearance. Performed with local anesthesia for patient comfort without the risks of general anesthesia.


Non-invasive permanent laser fat reduction

High definition (HD) Lipo:

Vibration based liposuction device that does not heat, cut, or otherwise damage connective tissue to provide a comfortable, safe, and effective liposculpting procedure.  Done in-office with no general anesthesia needed!