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Medical Skin Care

VI Peel™: The #1 peel worldwide to help with hyperpigmentation including melasma, acne/acne scars, skin texture/tone and pore size. Painless, effective, and can be used on all ages (over age 13) and all skin types.

PRX-T®: Topical solution resulting in smoother skin and glowing appearance without the downtime of a peel! 

CO2 Lift Pro: Carboxy gel masque treatment for hydration, anti-aging, improved tissue regeneration and to speed healing after procedures.

Dermaplaning: Tired of the fuzzy hairs all over your face and neck? Want your makeup to go on more smoothly? Dermaplaning can be the answer for smooth, hair free skin and an immediate fresh glow! 

Microneedling: Tiny needles are used to penetrate into the skin to stimulate collagen as well as provide a great base for improved penetration of topical products such as stem cells, PRX-T®, PRP/PRF, and hyaluronic acid. Also can be helpful for hair restoration.

Our own signature line of skin care products personally selected by Dr. Stone, and MORE!